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E36 Diff brace

E36 Diff brace

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E36 Medium Case Rear Diff Brace.


1993-1999 BMW rear differential cover mounting ear breaks off under high torque and load causing a bent rear subframe and broken axles ending your driving for the day.


The Battle Tested LLC rear differential brace solves this problem by adding torsional rigidity to the rear differential cover. By adding this simple brace that comes with all the needed hardware, you resolve this issue while simultaneously solid mounting your rear differential to the subframe. This reduces bushing flex and prolongs drive line lifespan.

About our product:

We test things so you don't have to!

After driving 300 miles to the racetrack we were knocked out of competition due to a failure of a rear diff causing untold damage to the drive line of one of our cars. We have since developed this product to be strong enough and simple enough to install on a car in under an hour, while retaining the factory speed-sensor and bushings that are already in your car.

With the use of simple hand tools and a little trimming of the differential cover using a sanding disc you can put the worries of ending a track day due to this common failure behind you!

Our 1/4" thick braces are CNC cut and powder coated in house using high quality coating techniques that will withstand decades in service without fear of corrosion or a loss of performance

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